Mugjes – discover Haarlem and surroundings, with young children (English version expected in 2022)

Mugjes – discover Haarlem and surroundings, with young children (English version expected in 2022)


This e-book is in Dutch. We are working on an English and German translation, but we cannot tell you yet when the translations will be available. If you pre-order this e-book, it isn’t possible to change it to a translated version in a later stage.

More than 200 places to discover, in and around Haarlem.

This book has been written for all the parents, grandparents, teachers, and caregivers of little Haarlemmers (‘mugjes’, as we call them). The city changes once you have children. Many young parents, and parents who are new to the city, have no idea what is on offer for the littles.  Graphic designer Frederiek van Waes and writer Nicoline van Slingeland-Asselbergs have put together a book filled with possible venues in and around Haarlem. Where is the best place to go swimming in summer or sleighing in winter? Where to go to buy new boots, clothing or to get haircuts? Which coffee places are child friendly? Which museums are nice for children? Which playground don’t we know yet? Read ‘Mugjes’ and discover the answer to all these questions!

With many fun facts about Haarlem.


It is a very handy book, even for myself, never mind the children : ) I did not know about many of the places mentioned. An excellent book that has been consulted, in our house, time and time again.
– Eva –

Thank you for this wonderful book! This summer we visited, Ruïne van Brederode, the Kweektuin, and many other places I would never have known about if it were not for your book! Also love the design!
– Franke –

A fabulous little book! I got mine after the second printing and am more than happy to have it!
– Marjolein –

We are true ‘muggen’ (people who are born and raised in Haarlem) but even we did not know about the secret place in the Burgemeester Rijkenspark! Fantastic discovery due to the tip in your book!
– Naomi –

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Language: Dutch
Binding form: e-book
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Illustrations: yes
ISBN: 978-90-821245-2-1

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Concept/author: Nicoline van Slingelandt-Asselbergs
Design and illustrations: Frederiek van Waes
Image editor: Eva Cameron-Bakker