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Taking your toddler to the theatre

Peuter bij theater 2 Turven Hoog

To kids, imagination is everything! Taking them to see a local play at the theatre is a whole other experience! More and more plays are focused on the younger age groups and we have even found several toddler theatres geared towards the 0-3 age group. With a little (or a lot) of imagination, the perfect setting for a wonderful story is set to unfold right before your eyes at these theatres in Haarlem and its surroundings.

Girl in artsy playground at Philharmonie Haarlem

Festival 2 Turven Hoog

Monday april 22 & Tuesday april 23 in Haarlem

This two-day annual festival is specifically designed for baby’s, toddlers and kindergarteners! You sure are in for a fun filled theatrical adventure with several different plays in both the Toneelschuur and the Philharmonie. Good news for the non-Dutch speakers! The plays listed as “LNP”(Language No Problem) are fit for everyone. And if you are there anyway, be sure to check out the artsy playground set up in the Philharmonie where kids can play and explore free of charge.

For tickets and more info please click here.
Additionally, the Toneelschuur also hosts several international movies and plays throughout the year. Check their website for more info.

Two toddlers at Toverknol theatre Haarlem


With various locations throughout the Netherlands, we are lucky to have one in Haarlem as well.  Most plays are suited for children aged 1 through 9 years of age, spread throughout the day with appropriate timings listed on their website.  With plenty of clothes and props to dress up beforehand, kids and adults alike are sure to have a blast! Please note that most plays are performed in Dutch.

Click here for ongoing scheduling and info.

Children playing on stage at Black Cat Theatre

Black Cat Theatre

A train (or car-ride) away, but definitely worth a visit, is the newly established Black Cat Theatre. A gem for both the locals and expats alike! Located close to Amsterdam Sloterdijk station, this is the perfect place to explore and imagine while triggering all of your senses. And after the 30min play, the little visitors are invited on stage to play along the actors and musicians. A truly remarkable experience for kids (as young as 2 years of age) and their parents.

More info 

Babyconcert at Caprera in Bloemendaal


Located in Bloemendaal in a fairytale like setting, Caprera is the perfect setting for an open-air concert and plays alike. With several plays scheduled throughout the warmer seasons, several iconic plays will take the stage in the upcoming months. So if you are looking for something to do on Mother’s or Father’s day, a ticket to the open-air theatre is sure to be a hit! Or looking for fun entertainment during summer holidays, the Gruffalo and The Story of the Little Mole (Who Knew it was None of his Business) are sure a must-see entertainment for ages 2 and up. Shows are in Dutch, though definitely worth a visit.

For more info, please click here.

Stadsschouwburg and Philharmonie

With great excitement the Haarlemse Stadsschouwburg and Philharmonie have added several plays for younger audiences (5+ with an occasional show for 2-3 year olds). At these historical venues, several cultural events as well as concerts and plays, take the stage.

For more info and language & age appropriate shows, please visit their website.

Wijnand Stomp telling stories at Theater Elswout

Theater Elswout

Located on the Elswout estate in a little building that historically served as a potate storage room, Wijnand Stomp takes you on a magical journey through his stories and plays. With his knuffelverhalen, he encourages kids as young a few months old, to bring along their stuffed animal so that they can hear all about their teddy’s adventure through a customized story.

More info 

STET the English Theatre

With their mission to bring “high-quality professional English language theatre” to the Netherlands, this theatre group organizes several plays across the country. This May they can be found in The Hague with a play called The bubble man which is appropriate for all ages!

For more info and local listings, please click here.

Translation & adaptation: Fatima Fazli-Vermeulen
Original text: Laura Freling
Photos Toverknol and Elswout Theatre: Nicoline van Slingelandt
Photo 2 Turven Hoog, Black Cat Theatre and highlighted image: Eva Cameron-Bakker
Photo Caprera: Laura Freling

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