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Sledding in and around Haarlem

Sleeën in en rond Haarlem_kind op slee_sleehellingen

It’s snowing!
We all know that that doesn’t happen often here in The Netherlands. So what are the best places to go on a sleigh ride for two? And where can you find the best sledding slopes around Haarlem? Well we’ve got you covered! Please remember to avoid the crowds, try to visit local hotspots early or at the end of the day, and most of all ENJOY!

Where do we go sledding around Haarlem?

IvK_dune Blinkert sledding slope Haarlem sleehelling Kraantje Lek

Dune ‘de Blinkert’

This dune is located by Kraantje Lek. Infamous for rolling and running down the hill, this dune is perfect to hop on the sleigh and slide down on. Since this is a local favorite hotspot, it is often quite busy. Please keep this in mind when visiting and remember to keep distance. Kraantje Lek has reopened its outside bar and is open from 10:00- 5pm for snacks and drinks to go. 
Parking: Duinlustweg 22, Overveen

The Sleddinghill Spaarnwoude

Yep, you read that right! There is a hill in Spaarnwoude marked the Sleddinghill! It is even found on google maps! You’ll find it when typing in Valleiweg, Velsen-Zuid. First one down?
Parking: Parkeerplaats Peddelpoel (see Google maps) or try typing in Oostbroekerweg 1

NvS_Big Spotters Hill Groene Weelde Cruquius sleehelling mugjes

Big Spotters Hill

This hill is a recurring favorite of ours and can also be found in our blog as one of the prettiest views in Haarlem and surroundings. The area surrounding Groene Weelde is perfect for sledding. Take a little walk with your little one in the sleigh or hop on your sled and slide down the hill as a true daredevil.
Parking: at the Haarlemmermeersche Golf Club (cross the road and walk straight into the Groene Weelde) or park at Concors located on the Paviljoenslaan 1, Cruquius


Parks and woods have plenty of fun little tracks and hills especially when covered with fresh snow. Think of the Kenaupark, Schoterbos or Reinaldapark for example. Fun in the snow and on your sled. Who wants to build a snowman?

NvS_Speelbos Meermond_winter_sledding 800x600

Speelbos Meermond

Have you ever been to this recreational playground? Here you’ll find several areas perfect for a sleigh ride. The playground is open to public and open from sunrise to sunset. It is easily accessible by bike.
Parking: Cruquiusweg 49, Heemstede

NvS_sleeen in de duinen bij Parnassia

The Beach

In the past, het Kopje van Bloemendaal was closed down for traffic whenever the area would be covered in snow. This year however, the mayor has decided that this wouldn’t be advisable due to the Covid-19 pandemic and its regulations. The most common alternative would be the Kennemerduinen however aside from the crowds, the Parkeerplaats Koevlak (at ’t Wed) will be closed for the weekends until further notice.

So this year, grab your sled, put on your warmest gear and head down to the beach! Plenty of space for social distancing, enough slopes perfect for sledding and luckily several of the beach bars have reopened for an array of delicious snacks and drinks to go. The perfect location to spend a snow day and warm up with a hot chocolate.

Written by: Nicoline van Slingelandt
Translated by: Fatima Fazli-Vermeulen
Pictures by: Eva Cameron (main picture), Ingrid van Koppenhagen (’t Blinkert), Nicoline van Slingelandt (Big Spotters Hill, Speelbos Meermond and the Beach)

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