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Child friendly beach front cafes between Zandvoort and Wijk aan Zee

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A few beach front cafes and restaurants are open the whole year round, however, the seasonal cafes and restaurants will be closing in a few weeks time! The beach cafes in Zandvoort and Bloemendaal are wonderful places to relax, enjoy, and soak up that fabulous beach sphere, regardless of the weather.

Here are a few child friendly places along the beach front, to be enjoyed throughout the year:

Tijn Akersloot fireplace at sunset

Tijn Akersloot
This place is always good, with or without children. Whether sitting by the fire sipping hot chocolate, eating delicious pizza, or by the car, which is parked in the middle of the cafe, you’re at the beach… and life is always better at the beach!
Address: Boulevard Paulus Loot 1, Zandvoort
Opening times: Daily from 09:00-0:00

Aloha & Timboektoe
Wijk aan Zee beach is a fantastic place for children. Spacious and rustic, with the most interesting treasures to be found!
The two permanent cafes, Aloha and Timboektoe, are both good. You will need to go all the way to the Noordpier but it is worth it! Pancakes, croissant, pizza (Aloha) and comfortable couches by the fireplace and a relaxing terrace (Timboektoe).

Address: Reyndersweg 2, Velsen-Noord
Opening times: Mon, Wed, Thurs 10:00-17:00 ; Fri, Sat, Sun 10:00-23:00

Address: Reyndersweg 1, Velsen-Noord
Opening times: Mon, Tues, Wed 10:00-17:00 , Thurs till Sun10:00-22:00

Nicoline_San Blas

San Blas
Admittedly, people have had varied experiences regarding the service offered (or not offered, as the case may be), but the general consensus is good. A beautiful, colourful and chic place, with birds flying freely around and a lovely terras.
Board games can be lent from behind the bar, a kiddies menu: among other things, grilled cheese sandwiches, regular sandwiches, and in the evening; pasta, and cultural Dutch snacks, eg. kroket and poffertjes (roughly translated – minced ‘meat’ fried in breadcrumbs and little mini crumpets – have not met a child who does not like poffertjes!)
A buffet breakfast is served on Sunday mornings from 09:30 – 11:30 (cost: €12,50 for adults and €7,50 for children).
Address: Zeeweg 86, Overveen
Opening times: Mon to Sun 09:00am till after dinner

Playground at Thalassa Zandvoort

For delicious fresh fish, Thalassa is the place to go.
While you chat with friends, your children can play on the enormous climbing apparatus outside. This family business also arranges children’s parties under the name of Strandactief (recommended for children around 6 years old: Pirate Bram’s treasure / scavenger hunt)

These child friendly seasonal cafes and restaurants will be open until mid-October:

Gestrand speeltuin Bloemendaal de Lakens

This lovely place is not on the beach, however, definitely worth mentioning.
Why, you may ask? Imagine a terras high up in the dunes with a view of a fantastic playground! Also, swings by the bar, and baby / toddler food from Spruit.
Adrdess: Zeeweg 60, Bloemendaal aan Zee
Opening times; bar and terras from 29 March: Wed to Fri 12:00-21:00, Sat and Sun 10:00-21:00  (from 15/7 to 18/8 daily from 10:00-21:00 )


Swinging on the swings… as high as possible, to get the feeling of flying over the sea!
Ubuntu is a popular place, therefore, recommended that you book / reserve a table so as not to be disappointed.
Address: Boulevard Paulus Loot 1, Zandvoort
Opening times: daily from 09:00-23:45

ZanDiego Beach
This beach front cafe based in IJmuiden consists of two locations: ZUID and Beachclub Makai. Go to Makai for some trampoline jumping!
Address: Kennemerstrand 160, IJmuiden

Rapa Nuí
The relaxed atmosphere of ‘do as you like’ makes this a place to which you want to keep coming back. Whether you sit at the tables or on the colourful cushions, while you watch the sun set and order from the children’s menu, various yummy food eg. mac ’n cheese or kibbeling (fish) and fries. On top of all this, they have their own Spotify play list (Rapa Nuí Sunrise) which is also nice for when you’re at home!
Address: Boulevard Barnaart 27, Zandvoort
Opening times: daily from 10:00-20:00 (if very busy they stay open till later)


Wow! What doesn’t Vooges offer! Children can play football / soccer outside on the sand, games indoors, have a drink by the fireplace, watch the fish in the aquarium, and in the evenings, eat a biological ‘knakworst’ (German sausage) or sushi for the sushi lovers.
You can change your baby (no cushion on the changing table so bring your own mat) and the diaper can be easily tossed down a special chute. Very handy!
Address: Boulevard Paulus Loot 1A, Zandvoort
Opening times: daily from 09:00-0:00

BAZ (previously: Bruxelles aan Zee)
The former Bruxelles has been taken over by Bas van Velzen (a former owner of the Brick restaurant in Breestraat). The wood burner offers warmth at the beginning and end of the season. This is a great place to meet friends with children. Within walking distance of the station, it is spacious, has a play house, and on the children’s menu, poffertjes, spaghetti bolognese, and fish of the day.
Address: Boulevard de Favauge 14, Zandvoort
Opening times: daily from 09:00-23:00

Tent 6
Owners Kim and Jasper very clearly consider their customer’s needs. The food is fresh and delicious, the service is friendly and efficient, there is a changing cushion in the restroom, swing chairs on the terras, and a fun play corner for children.
The children’s menu offers: sandwiches, toasted sandwiches, fruit, and in the evenings, chicken legs (drumsticks) with fries.
Address: Boulevard Paulus Loot 6, Zandvoort
Opening times: daily from 09:00am

Hippie Fish terrace Zandvoort

Hippie Fish
This is a place to go, with, or without, children. Truly delicious food, eaten with your feet in the sand, simulating that holiday feeling. If you want to be sure to get a place there, you should definitely make a reservation, especially if the weather is good and more people are out and about.
Address: Boulevard Paulus Loot 3, Zandvoort
Opening times: daily from 09:00am

Ajuma opened at a new, more central, venue, on the 15th of March. This place is for parents spending time at the beach, without their children: heavenly Asian food served there!

Text and photos: Nicoline van Slingelandt and Anne Oijevaar
Translation: Ingrid Elbertsen-Sirkin

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