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6 child friendly walks around town in Haarlem and the surrounding area

Wandelen in de duinen me-time Haarlem

Being a Haarlem resident definitely has its perks. We are surrounded with so much beauty that it sometimes gets hard to choose where to go next. We have gathered a few of our favorite areas that have proven to be child friendly as well. With no more than 3.5 km long, these routes are long enough to recharge your mind while enjoying the fresh air with your little ones.

Girl on scavenger hunt Stijn Konijn

A stroll around Konijnenberg or a scavenger hunt at ’t Wed

Leave the stroller at home and pop your tiniest babe in a carrier or put on a pair of comfy shoes on your little one, because this 3.5km route is quite the walk! Starting at the Visitor Center at the entrance of Koevlak, the walk continues around the Konijnenberg at the Kennemerduinen. Continuing past dune lake ‘t Wed making your way to the Konijnenberg lookout. En route, you might even be greeted by a Scottish Highlander or pass by a small herd of Konik horses.
If 3.5 km is a bit too much for your little one, opt for the scavenger hunt available at the Visitor Center. Unfortunately the playground is closed to the Covid-19 pandemic regulations, but with a scavenger hunt and a snack to go purchased at the Duincafé, in hand, you will have a fun-filled time for sure.
Location: entrance Koevlak, Zeeweg 12, Overveen

Dancing among deer, a musical walk at Elswout

The beautiful outdoor location at Elswout is a perfect place for a walk with your little one. The sight of deer always has something magical about them, but on this 2.5 km route, you can add a little extra entertainment as well. Following the blue route, and with the help of your cellphone and several QR-codes that you’ll find en route, you will find yourself attending a music festival by Klaterklanken! Being outdoors, attending a festival during the Covid-19 pandemic 😉 while introducing the sounds of jazz and classical music will make for a fun filled walk for sure! If you don’t feel like 1.5 hour of entertainment complete with little mini concerts, you can opt for a podcast instead.
At Elswout, near de Stinkende Emmer (Friethoes) and at Kraantje Lek (open Fri-Sun), you can get your drinks and snacks to go.
Location: Elswoutslaan 14, Overveen

Koningshof stroll for families

Find yourself in a fairytale-like forest at Landgoed Koningshof

Not far from Elswout is another gem: Landgoed Koningshof. In this fairytale-like forest you have several options to go and explore. For the tiniest ‘walkers’ you can follow the short blue route of about 1 km. Another fun walk is the 2.5 km red route. With lots of hills this is quite a popular route among families. If you listen closely, you will be able to hear the tiny woodpeckers at work. The third walking route at Koningshof is about 3.5 km. On this route you’ll go through the woods and past meadows. You will also pass De Appelberg, a look-out over the beautiful dunes. If the weather allows it, you can even spot Zandvoort from here. And with lots of scrap wood, the kids can build a fort or two along the way.
Location: Duinlustweg 26, Overveen

Deer in dune area Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen Zandvoort child friendly

Searching for gnomes at the Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen

This might just be our favorite walking area. We wrote about the Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen before and told you about all the fun activities that you can do here. You can purchase a card for €1,50 and children can enter for free. You can be sure to run into deer and if you are really lucky, you might even spot a fox. Each entrance has pavement suited for strollers and scooters. But why don’t you roam off track into the dunes? When you enter at Oase or at Panneland, you can find a playing area so be sure to bring a ball or even a kite! And if you enter at De Zilk, don’t be surprised if you run into a family of gnomes. You can find their little village hidden in the dunes in between tree huge trees…
Location: There are four main entree ways. Oase is located at Eerste Leijweg 2 in Vogelenzang. Here you will also find the Visitor Center, De Oranjekom.
Panneland is located at Vogelenzangseduinweg 2 (here you can purchase your drinks and snacks to go). To enter from Zandvoort go to Zandvoortselaan 130 (stop for drinks and snacks to go at DUNE). To enter from De Zilk go to Joppeweg 1.

Scavenger hunt and walking route at Caprera

We all know the open-air theater Caprera. But did you know that the theater is surrounded by a 40 acre park perfect for a stroll? The paved pathways are perfect for a stroll with the stroller or scooter. Look out for the signs with animals on them (there are 8 in total), or do the funny “matteklaprace”. En route you will find several benches with magnificent views and where the kids can play or build a fort. Fancy a snack? Wednesdays through Sundays, Peper’s Pannekoekenhuis has a little outside bar located at the entrance. We can personally recommend the mulled wine and brownies 😉
Location: Hoge Duin en Daalseweg 2, Bloemendaal
Fees: €1 for a full day pass, PIN only (be sure to pick up the scavenger hunt at the entrance!)

Duin en Kruidberg swing child friendly walk

Child friendly walk at Landgoed Duin en Kruidberg

The entrance of Duin- en Kruidbergerweg, across from Hoeve Duin en Kruidberg, is the start of a fun-filled 2.0 km route through the dunes. The length of the route as well as the activities found along the way (scan the QR-code for the answers), makes this to be a perfect route for families with kids. Craving a snack? At the outside bar at Hoeve Duin en Kruidberg they have a list of cold as well as hot drinks, grilled cheese sandwiches and even a big bag of freshly baked French fries.
Location: Entrance Duin en Kruidberg, at the height of Duin- en Kruidbergerweg 74

Text and Pictures by: Eva Cameron-Bakker

Translated by: Fatima Fazli-Vermeulen
Picture Wandelpark Caprera by: Nicoline van Slingelandt

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