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Frederiek (l) and Nicoline (r), image by Eva Cameron-Bakker

The book Mugjes – discover Haarlem and surroundings, with young children, was first published in 2013 and in 2016 a second printing. In this book, put together with love, passion, and care, parents, grandparents, and caregivers, can find information on the best shops, playgrounds, outings, events, and other venues to go on with children ages 0-7yrs, in and around Haarlem. Aside from this, Mugjes also offers tips from locals, interesting info and ideas for crafts and activities to do with children, at home. In 2021, we are launching our new e-book, which will also be available in English later this year!

Mugjes was formulated and written by Nicoline van Slingelandt (on the right) and designed by Frederiek van Waes (on the left). We wanted to show everyone the beauty Haarlem and its surroundings has to offer, and the many fantastic places and activities on offer for young children. Aside from our book, we have a team of enthusiastic bloggers, to keep our followers up to date on the loveliest, child friendly hot spots in and around Haarlem via our website, Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and newsletter.

Of course, everyone has their own personal views and opinions on what is enjoyable. We like the old city of Haarlem, with its beautiful monuments, museums, and cobbled streets with shops you will not find anywhere else. We enjoy being outside, in the dunes or the forest, and it is important to us that our children can climb, get dirty, and discover things themselves.  We create wonderful memories and believe that this does not have to be complicated, or even expensive. Simply, a picnic in the park on a sunny day. Now and then, it is nice to celebrate a milestone, even if it’s only to celebrate the ‘birthday’ of a cuddly. We choose rather simple but meaningful, as opposed to big, busy and commercial. Last but not least, we try to embrace and experience nature and our environment so that our littles, and in turn their littles, will be able to enjoy the nature we are so lucky to have in our immediate surroundings.

Mugjes blogger team:

Eva MugjesEva
My name is Eva Cameron-Bakker. I love writing, taking photographs, reading, jogging and creating memories with family and friends. I live in the centre of Haarlem with my husband Angus and our daughters Hannah and Nina. Hannah is a sweet, sporty and creative girl of eight years old. Nina is cheerful, curious and cheeky five-year-old. We love going to beaches, forests or farms, as the girls absolutely love sand and animals. However, we also enjoy going to the theatre, festivals and museums. If there is something new to discover, you will find us there. I also write blogs for reistipsmetkids.nl.


Anne MugjesAnne
I am Anne, mother of Mila and Nando and I have lived in Haarlem for the last 9 years. My partner Niels, Mila, Nando and I, live in Haarlem-Noord. I previously lived in Amsterdam, and Barcelona before that.
I enjoy discovering new places and sharing these discoveries with others. Since Mila and Nando’s arrival, my search is largely for places to which I can take them. My favourite places are the beach and new cafés. Aside from blogging for ‘Mugjes’, I am also active in the International mothers community in Haarlem, and Haarlem mothers and babies play group.


Floortje Zengerink Mugjes blogger Hej KlippaFloor
My name is Floor Zengerink and 1.5 years ago I became the mother of my sweet little James-Lewis, a purebred MUG. As a proud parent I walk life in Haarlem with him. I live in the cozy Kleverparkbuurt, where I started my own children’s hair salons HEJ KLIPPA at Juffrouw Slak and Meneer Paprika. My love for Haarlem is still growing every day. So many beautiful things to discover. Thanks to my great love who brought me here. In my blogs I share the adventures I experience with my toddler.



Fatima MugjesFatima-Catharina
As an expat mama it is still possible to find surprising discoveries, in and around Haarlem, even after all these years.
My three ( well actually four) men, are the motivation to be part of this venture. My boys are adventurers. Building sandcastles in Zandvoort, searching for monkeys at Artis, or eating hamburgers in Haarlem; it is a constant search and discovery of the most fun hotspots, and great excitement for this mama when I find a new place for us to visit. Join us in reading about our happy moments in fun places in and around Haarlem!